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You need a ride home? Uh, no. We’re fine.

VA/Bloodlines Meme ❖ [3/5] Relationships: Rose x Lissa



Lydia? Lydia? Are you okay? Lydia?

AoS Cast at the Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere


Clark Gregg not over it

"Part of what is wonderful about acting is new experiences, but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else in your life. My ideal downtime is any downtime! but when I do get a chance to stop for a minute, I spend it with family and friends. Being with the people I love is the best way to be me.”

it’s what we call ourselves — sort of like a team. earth’s mightiest heroes type thing.

I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

Elie Saab - Fall Winter 2014 2015

Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.

… home is where your heart is set in stone, it’s where you go when you’re alone, it’s where you go to rest your bones.